Soak up the Sun for a Longer, Healthy Life!

Finally, some good news for sunbathers! Researchers have confirmed that the enormous health benefits of sunbathing can outweigh the potential risk of developing skin cancer. A recent University of Edinburgh study suggests that sunlight exposure has some great health benefits ranging from reducing the risk of stroke and cardiac arrest to lowering BP, and so on.

It is a well-known fact that sunshine exposure helps our body produce more Vitamin D and now scientists have found that it also helps in the manufacture of a blood pressure-reducing compound.

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Exposing skin to sunlight may help to reduce blood pressure, cut the risk of heart attack and stroke – and even prolong life, a study suggests. Researchers have shown that when our skin is exposed to the sun’s rays, a compound is released in our blood vessels that helps lower blood pressure.

The findings suggest that exposure to sunlight improves health overall, because the benefits of reducing blood pressure far outweigh the risk of developing skin cancer.

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