Good Fat that Burns Calories Can Help Treat Obesity

Apparently, there is something called “good fat” in our body and it is so good that it burns calories so as to help us stay warm. How cool is that?! But there is more to it. Scientists have now found out that this “brown fat” can help in the treatment of diabetes and obesity!

Researchers from the Harvard Medical School and the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston say that even adults have varying levels of brown fat which burns calories as opposed to white fat that stores calories. According to them, all we need to do in order to leverage this good fat to fight obesity is to grow more of it. Read on..




A new study suggests that many adults have large amounts of brown fat, the “good” fat that burns calories to keep us warm, and that it may be possible to make even more of this tissue. The study’s lead author, Aaron Cypess, MD, PhD, is presenting the results at The Endocrine Society’s 93rd Annual Meeting in Boston.

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