After All, Not Bad being a Little Plump!!!

At last.. some relief for the not-so-slim! After all you need not work out sooo hard in hope of a perfect hour-glass shaped body and flat tummy some day! For its not really worth in the long run as this study shows..

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People who are overweight but not necessarily obese may actually outlive their thinner counterparts, a study has said. Men and women who are slightly plump live longer than those of a normal weight, the Daily Mail cited the study of around three million people, that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Obesity experts have warned that the research should not be taken to mean that there were no negative health effects in case one was overweight.

Plump people live longer
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How to Keep Fit During the Holidays!

Wow! The smell of holidays! Filled with festivities, get-togethers with friends and family, elaborate meals, and a lot of other exciting moments. What are holidays without those creamy munchies, fried poultry, and sugary candies, and tempting desserts? Even people who are very serious about their diet tend to lose control and overeat during the holiday season and you can’t really blame them!

Wait! Does all this mean you will have to forego your diet plans and fitness regimen during the holiday season? Not really. With some simple planning, you can still be on track. Read on for some great tips to keep fit and eat healthy while you have fun during your holidays.

The truth about holiday foods: It is no secret that holiday food does not top the list of healthy foods. Add to it the winter which makes you want more hot meals to keep you warm and cosy. But indulging in these yummy foods, which you shun all year round, adds up to your winter weight and you will have a tough time losing it after your holidays. Just watch out for rich foods such as cookies, eggnogs, and cheesecakes, which are the main culprits that help those pounds pile up. While it might not be good to completely say NO to these foods, try and regulate your intake of these yummy goodies so as to maintain your healthy weight.

Be realistic about your weight loss plans: You might want to relax your weight loss plans and rather focus on maintaining your present weight during the holidays so that you don’t get overly disappointed.

Follow healthy cooking practices during holidays: Make your favorite dishes with less fat and promote a sense of healthy eating. Some simple tips for doing this are: add more fruits, onions, and garlic to your dressing; avoid frying foods, try roasting instead; de-skin your turkeys before roasting them; use low-fat diary in your holiday recipes; use less of fresh cream and fattening frost in your holiday desserts.

Keep fit during holidays, holiday eating, holiday fitness goals

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Find time for exercise: With so much going around during holidays, fitness and diet really don’t top the list in your mind. Celebrations are considered healthy as they give rise to positive feelings and strengthen the bonding with family, friends and the community. Nevertheless, it can be a stressful time with so much of hectic planning and arrangements to take care of. This makes finding time for exercise all the more important as a good work out is a great stress buster. Make it a point to find time for work out daily or atleast take a relaxing 15-min walk in the evening. Remember, it will also help you shed those extra holiday calories.

Avoid skipping meals: Keep eating small meals throughout the day so that you don’t overeat at the big party. Having a light fruity snack just before leaving for a party will help control your appetite at the buffet.

Choose your food wisely: At the party, prefer nutritious foods to high-calorie ones. Fresh fruit and veg salads can be a very tasty treat too. Also prefer fish to meat for your source of protein. Run through the menu and pick your favorites and fill your plate, but be sure to include some fresh veg and fruits. Skip all others and discourage the craving to taste everything on the table.

Don’t overfill your stomach: Stick to small portions at the party, keep it light and have a satisfying meal, not a stuffy one. An over-filled stomach will make you uncomfortable and take away all the fun from enjoying the party.

Limit intake of alcohol: Alcoholic drinks being an integral part of holiday eating, care should be taken not to over-do your social drinking. Always fix your limit and stay within that. Also remember, alcohol can induce over-eating!

Forgive yourself: If overeating happens against all odds, don’t go on that infamous guilt trip. Instead think about keeping the next meal light. That should balance and take care of your weight gain. Remember, just an extra piece of pie cannot cause a weight gain. It takes about 500 extra calories per day to gain a pound of weight. So stop fretting and think about what next!

We hope these tips help you enjoy the holiday season without compromising much on your diet and fitness plans, while enjoying your favorite holiday dishes and activities.

Happy and Healthy Holidays, Have Fun!

Walk Your Way to a Healthy Heart

All wonderful women out there! If you walk a lot either as part of your daily chores or commute to work or as part of your exercise regimen, here is some good news for you. A Brazilian study has shown that women who walk atleast 6000 steps a day are more likely to have a healthy heart and are less prone to diabetes!

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Walking 6,000 or more steps daily, ensures a healthier life for ageing women, besides lowering their risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, says a study. Although other studies have shown the value of structured exercise in lowering health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, this study has shown that habitual physical activity – whether it comes from exercising or just activities of daily living – has the power to improve women’s health.

Walking is good for your heart

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Fun Ways to Exercise!

Are you truly bored of your exercise routine? Here are some fun ways to work out and melt the fat. This article enlightens us about the many interesting alternatives to working out in the gym. They include yoga, kung fu, kick boxing, swimming among many others. Read on..

Swim your way to fitness

Swim your way to fitness

If lifting weights at the gym appears tedious, how about trying to swim your way to health? Studies have shown that swimming is twice as effective as cardio training sessions in the gym. Swimming involves a full body workout and spending half an hour swimming, will make you lose as much as 1000 calories every day..


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Inactivity – A Silent Killer

In this interesting article, the author explains how standing or moving around vs. sitting for long hours benefits our body in a myriad of ways. Long hours of inactivity, which is unfortunately common in today’s computerized world, can affect your metabolic rate and oxidative stress among other key parameters that affect health, according to a study conducted by University of Massachusetts scientists. Read on..


Stand up for fitness

Sitting for long hours can be hazardous for your health!!








Studies of daily movement patterns, though, show that your typical modern exerciser, even someone who runs, subsequently sits for hours afterward, often moving less over all than on days when he or she does not work out. The health consequences are swift, pervasive and punishing. In a noteworthy recent experiment conducted by scientists at the University of Massachusetts and other institutions, a group of healthy young men donned a clunky platform shoe with a 4-inch heel on their right foot, leaving the left leg to dangle above the ground.

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Short and Intense Work Outs for the Super Busy!

Are you too busy for systematic work out plans? Here is some good news for you. Reports from the American College of Sports Medicine says multiple, short and intense 10 min workouts can be as good as long sessions of exercise. Read on..

The procrastinators, the super-busy, and the easily bored in pursuit of a manageable fitness routine may find what they seek in the 10-minute workout. Experts say what these short bursts of activity, sometimes called exercise snacking, lack in duration they can make up for in intensity. “You can get a good enough workout that can make real metabolic changes to your body,” said Liz Neporent, co-author of “The Thin in 10 Weight-Loss Plan” along with fitness instructor Jessica Smith. “It can help you lose weight, reduce stress and basically give you all the benefits that we know come from exercise.”

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Exercise Boosts Mental Health

Yes.. Workouts boost your mood and now there is proof to it! In this article, a women’s running group in Kent throw some light on how exercise benefits mental health and how they were able to find peace and happiness through running! Read on..

A BMJ study made headlines recently when it downplayed the link between regular exercise and improved mental health. But 90% of women at a running club in Kent would disagree. If you were to stumble upon this women’s running group on an afternoon stroll around leafy Knole park in Sevenoaks, Kent, you would hear much banter, laughter and good-natured complaining.

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Exercise Reduces Appetite – Albeit for a Short Time!

And I always thought work outs will boost appetite!! Researchers have finally found out that the motivation to eat can actually suffer immediately after a workout. Read on..

New research out of BYU shows that 45 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise in the morning actually reduces a person’s motivation for food. Professors James LeCheminant and Michael Larson measured the neural activity of 35 women while they viewed food images, both following a morning of exercise and a morning without exercise. They found their attentional response to the food pictures decreased after the brisk workout..

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Image courtesy: Brigham Young University