Healthy Lifestyle

“Living a healthy lifestyle will only deprive you of poor health, lethargy, and fat.” – Jill Johnson

How to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Contrary to what we all think, leading the so-called “healthy lifestyle” is all about making simple but effective changes to your present lifestyle. Now what are these simple changes? Including a fruit to your breakfast, walking to the nearby store (rather than driving down!), drinking an extra glass of water, and using the stairs more often..are just some of the several little things we can try out in our daily life which will largely enhance our lifestyle and keep you fit.

How to be Active
Lack of activity is the worst thing that can happen to your body and is also a stumbling block on your way to achieving your fitness goals. Simple movements as in walking or gardening do make a great deal of difference in so many ways.

Being active can have the following beneficial effects on your body:

  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces heart disease and diabetes risk
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps maintain bone mass
  • Enhances your mood and overall mental health

Tips to Keep Moving
A list of fun things that keep you moving throughout the day are given below:

  • Walk more often: This does not mean you have to really plan a walking session and do it. Neither do you have to walk on that boring treadmill of yours more often. Look out for reasons to walk – take your dog out or walk to your nearby store. Walk while you still fulfill other purposes and don’t walk for the sake of walking!
  • Get playing: if you have kids at home the best way to stay active is playing with them! Wow! what a fun way to keep moving!
  • Have a good hobby: Having a hobby that requires you to stand up and move is key to being active. I am talking about great hobbies like gardening, dancing, and yoga.
  • Take the stairs: I know elevators are so tempting but the bad news is they actually make us terribly lazy. Stairs are a great way to stay active, which offers a lot of health benefits too. Once you start avoiding lifts and taking the stairs you will actually feel good. Try it out.
  • Walk while you talk: We all love to chat away with friends over the phone for hours. But you can make it healthy by walking around while you talk to your buddies. You might not even realize that you are moving as your focus is actually on what you are talking, which is more enjoyable.
  • Avoid the TV: This is sad, but sitting in front of the TV for long hours is the most common relaxation technique we use. Unfortunately, this is not healthy and the more you avoid sitting in one place the better. Do something useful instead, clean up your room, water your plants, experiment with cooking.

 The Benefits of Eating Right

We have covered a lot of useful stuff about a balanced and healthy diet, high and low calorie foods, calorie requirements for all age groups, etc in our Diet and Fitness page. Here, we will discuss the importance of diet from the lifestyle angle.

How to Have a Healthy Breakfast (Against all Odds!)
If you are a working women with a family, chances are that breakfast is the poorest of your meals (if at all you manage to have it) and dinner is the heaviest. Welcome to the club!

When mornings get hectic and you have a hundred things to take care of, prioritizing your breakfast over searching for your kid’s socks is really tough, I have to agree. But the sad news is we are all taking a great risk by skipping the most important meal of the day – breakfast!

Don’t lose heart – Here are some simple ways to make up for the absence of a proper breakfast and embrace healthy eating habits!

  • Have a glass of milk – When having an elaborate breakfast is out of question, try gulping down a glass of milk or milk shake quickly before you leave for work
  • Grab an apple – while you are busy cooking, packing lunch boxes, and dressing up for office in the morning, keep an apple handy and have a bite from time to time.
  • Carry some dry fruits with you – almonds, cashews and raisins – which you can easily keep munching while driving or walking up or down the stairs!
  • Have nut crackers – Nuts give you a lot of energy and protein you require for all the activity you are up to throughout the day. Pack some home-made nut crackers in your office bag and keep munching during breaks.
  • Eat a healthy lunch – To compensate for the quick-fix breakfast, eat a real healthy lunch. Include a lot of fibre and vitamins in the form of fresh fruits and veggies in your lunch.

All unassuming gentlemen out there – you are not off the hook either! Read on.

  • Studies show that men prefer fruit juice to fruits, which is not good, as fruit juices contain a lot of added sugar that is sure to expand your waist line. Also by avoiding whole fruits you are missing out on all those super-healthy fibre content in fruits, which helps you in controlling your weight and keeping your body fit.
  • If you are a fitness freak and work out regularly, do make sure you match it up with nutritious meals. If you exert a lot and don’t eat enough, your body will slowly be depleted of essential nutrients and become weak, which spoils the whole purpose of work outs and your weight loss plan will go for a toss!
  • Keep a check on your alcohol intake. Also make sure that you don’t have alcohol on an empty stomach, as the calories in alcohol gets absorbed easily when you are on an empty stomach, making you crave for more food.
  • Research shows that men are more likely to have a heavy dinner compared to women. That’s not all. Men are also found to be more interested in late night snacking, which is very unhealthy for obvious reasons.
  • Cheer up! The worst is yet to come – Men have a fetish for fast food and fried snacks. Control the urge to binge on fatty foods while you watch TV. Junk foods are also high in salt and they affect your health drastically and lead to serious ailments.

By making some simple changes to your life in terms of being active and devising a healthy diet plan, you can switch to a healthy lifestyle effortlessly. I hope this article helps you all change your ways for better!

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