About us

Your Fitness Mantra is a friendly fitness blog launched with the aim of spreading more awareness about health and fitness online.

Some of our long-term goals are listed below:

Help fitness freaks find better ways to keep fit!

We all want to get fit, but don’t know many easy ways to get fit and stay fit. This blog will explore the myriad of practical solutions that back you up in your fitness endeavors! Our soul aim will be aligning readers to their fitness goals using informative articles and snippets and interactive forums.

Create awareness about existing methods to attain fitness

Nothing in this blog is totally new or rare information; you will know if you have already searched online for fitness-related stuff. But what we strive to do here is dig deeper into some of the existing methods of staying fit with more emphasis on diet, lifestyle, and exercise. We also want to create awareness about less explored arenas such as yoga and its amazing benefits.

Enlighten our readers

And that is why we have a news section with the latest news about health, fitness, and lifestyle. This page will be buzzing with interesting global news about health and fitness to keep our readers up to date all the time.

Update readers about new fitness products

Our upcoming fitness products page will offer honest reviews of popular fitness products, which will help our readers make informed decisions about which one to buy. Being up to date about fitness products will help you make changes to your workout schedules and maintain your weight.

Give readers a reason to stay fit!

We are happy to say that although we are new and yet to make our online presence completely felt, we have evolved in so many wonderful ways since we started this blog roughly 3 months back. We hope our articles and well-researched data will give you all many more reasons to stay fit and lead a healthy, beautiful life.

Do share your thoughts with us at queries@yourfitnessmantra.com

Your Fitness Mantra Team.